A healthy community that has no ailments to limit its human development.


 To promote human development through provision of health services using an integrated approach.


 a)   Preventing ailments through provision of primary health care services.

b)   Providing treatment to several ailments through clinical health care services.

c)   Providing reproductive health care services to both men and women.

d)   Promoting research, documentation and dissemination of health care information. 

e)    Building capacity of health personnel among clinicians, community health workers, social workers,  interns and volunteers.

f)    Advocating and lobbying for an integrated health services.



 Clinical health care services through treatment of various sicknesses as patients come to the clinic

  1. Provision of reproductive health services

a)      Antenatal services

b)      Post-natal services

c)      Family planning services

  1. Provision of primary health care services

a)      Immunization

b)      Health education on preventive measures through sanitation, prevention of HIV/AIDs, Malaria

  1. Research, documentation and dissemination of health care information
  2. Building capacity through internships, volunteer services and short-courses  
  3. Advocating and lobbying for integrated health services.